Inserting Equations in MS word

MS Word is one of the best applications of MS Office. Latest versions of MS word has great features like common spell checker, it has almost all the symbols and structures and all features required for a math documents.

This article will summarize some simple steps to insert the equations in a word document.

Ø  Editor- Press Alt and “=” to open the editor at the position of the cursor.

Ø  Letters- English letters in the equation can be inserted simply by typing.

Ø  Inserting symbols- If you are available with the symbol name, simply type the \symbol name. For example, for the symbol beta, type\beta and tap on space button on the keyboard to convert it.

Ø  Inserting fraction- Inserting a fraction is similar to the previous step. To insert fraction,  simply type a/b and press space button. Pressing the space button puts an above b as a fraction.

Ø  Parenthesis- Parenthesis, brackets are used to separate the equations or to group an equation in the editor. For example (a+b)/c will place a+b above c as a part of the fraction.

Ø  Use of _ and ^- Example- To write the b as a subscript of a, type a_b. To make the b exponent of a, type a^b.

Ø  Functions- A user can simply insert the functions like log, sin, cos, etc simply by typing the function name and hitting the space button.

Ø  Type Ctrl+B or Ctrl+C  to make the equations bold and italic.

  • Microsoft Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007- To insert the equations in these versions of Word, follow the given points-

Ø  Insert tab- Click on the Equation option given under the insert tab.

Ø  After clicking on the equation option a box will appear in the document at the position of the cursor. Start typing in it to start the equation.

Ø  Special formatting- To insert the special formatting in a document browse through the drop down list appearing after hitting the equation option. Click on the script icon to open a drop down menu. To insert the subscript in the equation, click the subscript option, after hitting the subscript option, two squares will appear on the screen. Type the value in the first square and click on the second square to insert the value on it.

Ø  Typing- If there is no need of additional special characters, continue typing in the equation to complete it.

Ø  Equation box on the page- To move the equation on the page, select the equation box and click on the arrow given on the right side. This arrow will give the options to place the equation box.

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Ø  A user having word 2016 can write an equation with the help of mouse or with the help of touch screen tool. To write the equation, select the Ink equation option from the drop down menu under the insert tab.

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