Gmail Chat



Gmail is one of the most successful mail service providers in the world. It has the count of around one billion users in the world and it is further increased at a rapid rate. It’s just because of its features and the user finds very easy to use.

Most of the professional prefer Gmail for sending emails around the world and for chatting.

This article will describe some Gmail chat tips and tricks.

Text formatting- Gmail is online mailing service with inbuilt chatting service. We all do chatting over email but most of us don’t know that we can also edit our text formatting. Editing the text formatting makes the chat more attractive.

       To bold the message you want to send just follow the format-

*message to send*

       To make the message italic-

_message to be italicized_

       To strike-

-Words to be stricken-


A picture in Gmail- Profile picture plays an important role in identifying the person whom we are talking with. Profile picture becomes more important while we are talking in a group.

While chatting on Google talk we can see the profile picture with whom we are chatting with but in Gmail chat, we are only able to see the name of the person.

But it’s also possible to see the profile picture of the person in Gmail chat. This requires some simple steps to be followed. To see the profile picture in Gmail chats just go to email settings and click on labs. Search for a picture in chat and enable it, save the changes. After doing you will be able to see the picture of a person in Gmail chat.


Chat translation- Sometimes it becomes very important to translate the chat in our own language to understand it more clearly and in a better way. This feature becomes more important when we are chatting with Foreigner. To translate the text in some particular language you should have Google translate service. To bring this translation service in working condition, we need to invite and add Google translate chatbots. Invitation to the bots should be in proper format. To know the proper format click onGmail Support While chatting add this bot to the chat, it will automatically translate the message in the desired language. This feature makes it easier to chat with any foreigner like Spanish, German, Russia, etc.

Emoticons- Emoticons plays an important role in expressing our emotions and they also make our chat more attractive. Gmail has a certain set of emoticons to be used during the chat, it also has some hidden emoticons. Use the following code in your chats to see these hidden emoticons-

       \m/

       ~@~

       V.v.V


Changing the side of the chat- We can also shift the sidebar present on the left side to the right side or vice versa according to our needs.


To know the Gmail chat more deeply click on  the given website-